GENRE:  Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Industrial Post-Punk

INSTRUMENTS:  Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synthesizers, Drums

86ers was born of the virtual reconnection of old jam buddies Kyle, in Seattle and Paul, in Paris.

Paul had been reviving some old Kyle penned tunes with his collective Fottuto Bianco/Nabucco Dinosaur. Luckily, Lukasz (alias Viper ITB), from Poland, liked the latest of these remakes and was eager to collaborate.

Together they crafted their first opus, "Resist, Obey, Resist" as an anthem of defiance amidst the current turbulent geopolitical landscape.

86ers are currently at work on new music that transmutes the zeitgeist of the actual world we all live in today.

They all share an appreciation for thumping drum beats, popping slap bass and wah guitar.

"86ers empower the resistance with addictive, psychedelic rock anthems. Their raw energy is invigorating. Their lyrics are biting. We are thrilled to release their hard-hitting music on Thinkroot Records."

Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

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