Raisin Rack Uses Multiple TRR Songs!

Hey hey!  We're happy to share that Raisin Rack Natural Food Store in Ohio used a few of our songs in YouTube videos.  They look great and the attribution is perfect.  You'll hear TheDICE's "Sudden" in their video about their Super Food Bars (salad bars) in Canton and Westerville.  Kara Square's "Happy Happy Bounce Bounce" livens up a video about Raisin Rack Produce Departments.  And Raisin Rack's Gluten Free Departments are showcased with Kara Square's "Music Box Glitch Bop" in the background.  All of these tracks are CC BY.  That means YOU can use them, too... even for commercial purposes.  You just have to include attribution.  Of course, donations are always appreciated and help us continue to create Creative Commons music.  Want to keep posted on new music from TRR?  Join our emailing list below!

Tulagi Drift: Uncovered Histories - Documentary

We just posted "Recall (Remix Feat. Kara Square" by TheDICE and we are pleased to share that it has been used in the documentary trailer for Tulagi Drift: Uncovered Histories.  This dark, melancholic, and mysterious rock song is a compelling backdrop for the trailer.  Here's a brief synoposis of the story from the informative documentary website:

A torpedo attack on the MV Tulagi In 1944 started an epic 2900 km raft drift across the Indian Ocean by 15 survivors. Two months later a handful of starved sailors crawled up the beach on Bijoutier Island in the Seychelles.  Read the full story here.

A big thank you to the film maker for using our track!

World's Worst Penguin Parent Video Uses TRR Song!

Brace yourself for a ridiculous amount of laugh-out-loud cuteness!  Project Penguin used "Ukulele Vs. Kazoo and Whistle, Too" for this darling and downright hilarious penguin video.  Give a looksy!

This isn't the first time Project Penguin used our tunes.  Check out this excellent use of "Vox Vs. Uke":

So cool!  And get this... Kara Square has been a penguin enthusiast since she was a kid.  How fun to see her music used like this!  Thanks a TON, Project Penguin!

Warm Welcome to Moira Waugh

Moira WaughThinkroot Records extends a warm and enthusiastic welcome to our newest artist Moira Waugh.  Moira is a singer, lyricist, and novelist with a remarkably strong, rich, captivating voice.  Her lyrics are nothing short of brilliant and her knack for storytelling makes her songs an enthralling experience.  She is originally from Great Britian and now resides in Florida with her husband Mark Bass (also an incredibly talented musician who will soon join us on TRR!).

Moira Waugh's first track on Thinkroot Records is "Lully Lullay."  It's a hauntingly beautiful a cappella rendition of the traditional English Christmas carol "Coventry Carol."  It would be a gorgeous backing track to any winter or Christmas themed video or it could be taken in an entirely different direction as a chilling backdrop to a creepy movie or dramatic documentary.  It's an exquisite first taste of what we all have to look forward to from Moira. 

So hey, give a listen to "Lully Lullay" and let us know what you think.  And when you use it in your project, let's us know!  If we like what you've done, we'll share your work on TRR. 

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