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TRR Score: "Gentoos Frolicking in the Shallows" by Project Penguins

A group of penguins swim on the shore popping up like dolphins! Other penguins chill out on the beach. There is so much to watch in Project Penguins newest video... Can you spot the surprise birds amongst the penguins? It's like a 'Where's Waldo?' hidden picture scene!  As you watch, we hope you enjoy the custom score by Kara Square called "Oscillating Waves."  You can license it for your project, too!  The relaxing ambient sound of crashing waves, bubbly synth, swelling strings, rhythmic drums, and shimmery bass bells make this track perfect for book trailers, media slideshows and presentations, and calming games and apps.

Jack Burgess Joins TRR as the "Musical Jack of All Trades"

Jack Burgess

Multi-talented Jack Burgess is the newest Thinkroot Records artist and we are totally jazzed about it.  Jack plays just about every instrument out there with impressive proficiency.  He is a master at the mixing board.  He produces, composes, arranges, and even sings!  You could say that he is the "Musical Jack of All Trades."  In fact, we just did.

Jack Burgess was singing before he was talking and has never stopped playing music.  He has been part of tons of bands, performed countless gigs, and is the go-to bass and keyboard guy to hire for shows.

You can get an idea of what to expect from Jack Burgess in his collaboration with Kara Square called "Destroy the Shadows."  Jack plays upright bass, piano, and sings amazing harmonies.  He's also featured in Piero Peluche's Spaghetti Western remix of the same song.  You can catch him on bass and backup vox in “Too Depressed for the Ukulele."     

"Jack Burgess amazes me with his musical aptitude.  Collaborating with him is a fury of exciting creativity and lots of invigorating noise!  In addition to playing nearly every instrument that exists, Jack is a master in the recording studio.  We are delighted that Jack has joined us at Thinkroot Records."

Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

TRR Score: "Penguins and Cows" by Project Penguins

Have you ever seen penguins and cows hanging out together?  Check out Project Penguins' latest video and your answer will be "Yes!"  Kara Square composed the custom score for this video and you can license the song, "Mookulele," for your project.  It would be awesome for laid-back country scenes, children's shows, and documentaries.  We hope you enjoy this video and share it with your friends! 

TRR Song in Michele Gorman's "Perfect Girl" Book Trailer

We are thrilled to share that Kara Square's song "Xylophone and Ukulele Rival in Their Revelry" is featured in Michele Gorman's book trailer for "Perfect Girl."  Michele Gorman is a USA TODAY bestselling author with tons of books penned.  Her latest book, "Perfect Girl," is set to release on October 14th... unless her book trailer hits 2,000 views.  Then it will be released a month early!  So hey, check out her book trailer below. 

TRR Score: "A Very Tired Penguin" by Project Penguins

Thinkroot Records is proud to present this exciting collaboration between Kara Square and Project Penguins.  The following super-cute penguin video by Project Penguins includes a custom score by Kara Square.  The song has been extended and further developed as "Dozy Dreams" to fit the needs of those with longer productions.  We hope you enjoy the video!  If you do, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  

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