TRR Custom Music: DataStream - Video Game

Here's the exciting, upbeat, electro soundtrack for Daniel Hamilton's DataStream!  Our artist Kara Square composed the custom music.  DataStream is a game where you are a virus protection program that searches and destroys malicious software.  It's fast paced and exciting!  A super HUGE thank you to Daniel for the wonderful opportunity to create this soundtrack.  We'll keep you posted on the game's progress.  In fact, here's an awesome video Daniel made so you can get a sneak peek!


TRR Song in Game: Teddy's Triangles

teddys triangles

Take a look at this adorable kids' memory game called 'Teddy's Triangles' by Eric Sambach.  While ya' play, you'll hear Kara Square's "Spirited 8-Bit March" as the background game music.  It was just released on Google Play, so grab your Android, download, and test your memory.  It's fun, free, and great for all ages!  Great BIG thanks to Eric Sambach for using our tune (and including us in the credits!).   



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Flexi Custom Code - Adsense (Bottom Page-Responsive)

Flexi Custom Code - Adsense (Bottom Page Link Unit- Responsive)