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OUT SOON: Enchanting Jazz Pop Album with Enthralling Vocals

Moira Waugh’s Debut, The Wrong Girl, Release Dates and Upcoming Video Contest Announced



January 22, 2016 – Moira Waugh is a spellbinding storyteller with her lyrics. She delivers them with captivating sincerity and a beautiful, expressive voice. Siobhan Dakay composes sensitive jazzy pop compositions to amplify Moira’s vocals. When you listen to The Wrong Girl, you’ll hear their natural affinity. Thinkroot Records is thrilled to announce the February 9, 2016 release of the first single from The Wrong Girl, “How Lucky I Am,” with the full album and video contest launch on February 26, 2016.

The Wrong Girl - Cover Art“Every day I see and hear stories all around me,” Moira Waugh shares. “People are doing or saying something that catches my attention and automatically I start imagining what sort of lives the people are leading, how they are feeling and what are the reasons behind the scenes I’ve glimpsed or snippets of conversation I’ve overheard. What would it be like to be them? My songs are really ideas for short stories or longer fiction condensed into song lyrics.”

Moira Waugh is a British singer/songwriter living in Florida. She has been writing since she was eight years old, beginning with a series of short stories about the family cats forming a pop group. In 2009, she diversified into singing and writing lyrics for her own songs, joining a multi-talented and international music community on which inspired her to create a catalog of songs that have been remixed many times and used in films. This is where Moira Waugh and Siobhan Dakay connected and commenced their jazz pop collaborations.

Siobhan Dakay is the pseudonym of Heiko Specht, a producer/musician residing in Munich, Germany. His alias denotes the musical mood he creates. Siobhan stands for graceful and Dakay represents the melancholic and dark aspects of his compositions. Siobhan Dakay uses Moira Waugh’s melodies, lyrics, and vocal performance as the starting point to conceive the backing tracks for the songs.

“I musically grew up in the 70s/80s,” Siobhan Dakay remarks about his roots. “When you grow up as a child listening to Bacharach, Carpenters and even ABBA and experience your first heartbrokenness listening to The Smiths, The Cure and The Bible, these feeling and emotions automatically influence the creative process of building harmonies.”

The Wrong Girl is a full album with thirteen tracks and three upcoming singles: “How Lucky I Am” (February 9, 2016 release date), “Small Back Room” (March 15, 2016 release date), and “Garnet Wine” (March 29, 2016 release date). It was professionally mixed by Marcel Filler and mastered by Christoph Stickel to ensure a sonically enhanced listening experience. On the February 26, 2016 album release date, a video contest with $1500 of cash prizes will launch with submissions accepted through April 30, 2016.

"Moira Waugh is an alluring artist with both her elegant, strong voice and her thoroughly engaging lyrics,” commented Kara Square, Founder/Music Supervisor of Thinkroot Records. “Siobhan Dakay profoundly complements Moira’s voice with his gentle, dreamy, melancholic jazz orchestrations. Their album is an enchanting exploration of relatable narratives with emotionally stirring arrangements.”

To learn more about The Wrong Girl visit:

To support Moira Waugh and Siobhan Dakay’s music, purchase The Wrong Girl from or your favorite digital store (i.e. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, etc.) upon release.

For press inquiries, contact Kara Square: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit Thinkroot Records for commercial use licenses and more music:

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Thinkroot Records supports an international team of musicians and producers with album releases and both custom and ready to license music for video game, advertising, film, and unique needs. Everything on Thinkroot Records is released with a Creative Commons License to encourage and participate in sharing culture.

OUT NOW: Under the Christmas Tree by Moira Waugh

CoverArt-UndertheChristmasTreePush play and become magically immersed in the holiday spirit! Moira Waugh's "Under the Christmas Tree" has all of the ingredients you need for the festive season and today the single is available EVERYWHERE! You can also purchase a license to use the track in your holiday projects!

“Under the Christmas Tree” is available from the following sites (and more):

 bandcamp spotify110

GooglePlay110 itunes amazon-mp3-110  

p.s. You can send it to your loved ones as a holiday gift through Bandcamp!

PRE-ORDER: Under the Christmas Tree by Moira Waugh

CoverArt-UndertheChristmasTreePre-order "Under the Christmas Tree" by Moira Waugh today! The moment the album is released (on 12/1/15) you'll get a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

This wonderful Christmas waltz has all of the ingredients you need for the festive season. It creates visions of snowflakes falling and smells of apples and candles decorating the Christmas tree. But most of all, you can imagine the smile in children’s eyes. A Swedish tradition is to dance around the decorated tree. So don’t forget to give your love a big hug and invite them to dance this waltz with you.

Watch the heart-warming official music video below! Please spread the holiday cheer and share!


p.s. You can send "Under the Christmas Tree" as a holiday gift to your loved ones!

OUT NOW: Yeah, I Do - Kara Square & Piero Peluche

CoverArt-YeahIDo1Ready for a high-energy dance-able love song? Piero Peluche's remix of Kara Square's "Yeah, I Do" is now available EVERYWHERE! And guess what? You can download this celebratory pop song about LGBT marriage for FREE on Bandcamp. Spread the love!

“Yeah, I Do” is available from the following sites (and more):

 bandcamp spotify110

GooglePlay110 itunes amazon-mp3-110  

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