TRR Song in Podcast: What It Takes

What It Takes - PodcastWe're excited to share this new, inspiring podcast called What It Takes features intro theme music by our artist Kara Square! Hear rare interviews with incredible people like Johnny Cash and Oprah Winfrey that were recorded by The Academy of Achievement over the last 25 years. Thank you to the wonderful host and producer Alice Winkler for finding such an excellent use for our music.

OUT NOW: Stargaze Harmonic

Cover Art - Stargaze Harmonic"Stargaze Harmonic" by Jack Burgess was originally released as the B-SIDE instrumental to his well-received single "What Kind of Man." Now you can find "Stargaze Harmonic" EVERYWHERE! This spacey, alt-country instrumental is the perfect soundtrack for your Perseids meteor shower gazing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

“Stargaze Harmonic” is available from the following sites (and more):

 bandcamp spotify110

  itunes GooglePlay110



TRR Scores: 2 New Project Penguins Films

Project Penguins' recently released two new short films.  Watch below to enjoy The Story of the Lost Little Rockhopper Penguin and Penguins Braving Nasty Weather.

Thinkroot Records' artist Kara Square created the custom music for these videos.  If you'd like to use them in your productions, visit the song pages: "Hippety-Hop and a Bop" and "Bad Weather Friends."  If you'd like to request a free quote for custom music, just fill out this quick form.

TRR Music in Theatre Performance: Montessori Secondary School

If you live in the southwest part of Germany, you could check out a youth theatre performance today or tomorrow featuring the music from Kara Square's album Ukulele Duels.  It's being used between scenes performed by 12-16 year old students from the Montessori Secondary School in Freiburg.   The play explores homophobia and queer movements through scripts written by the students.  All ticket sales for the performance will be donated to the charity Medico International (Syrien) e.V.  Kara Square and Thinkroot Records are thrilled to support this project through our musical contribution.



OUT NOW: What Kind of Man

CoverArt-WKOMEveryone at Thinkroot Records is absolutely thrilled to announce that "What Kind of Man" by Jack Burgess is now available worldwide!  Listen as classic rock and roll meets classic soul while pondering the boundaries of honor and trust in this spirited track.  This one will be sure to put a smile on your face and get stuck in your head.  And guess what?  Buy it directly from us (on bandcamp) and you'll get the BONUS B-SIDE "Stargaze Harmonic!"  It's a spacey, alt-country instrumental you're sure to enjoy.

“What Kind of Man” is available from the following sites (and more):

 bandcamp cdbaby amazon-mp3-110

 spotify110 itunes GooglePlay110

p.s. Are you into remixing?  Grab the stems on  Do you need a license for this track?  Visit the song page on TRR for the details. 

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