TRR Custom Music: Red x Herring - Video Game

We are pleased to present the music for an upcoming visual novel (story based video game) by Cherubim Scribes called Red x Herring.  Kara Square composed both custom music pieces.  Red x Herring is an otome game about a ghost who must discover their murderer before being consumed by an evil spirit.  A big thank you to Olivia, the founder of Cherubim Scribes, for this awesome opportunity!  We'll keep everyone posted about important game updates.


Music Demo Reel: Thinkroot Records Artists

We just released a new video featuring  some of the best and most licensed songs from Thinkroot Records artists.  All TRR artists are featured.  Please share this video with anyone who needs game audio, production music, stock music, or custom music for their project.  Hope you dig!

Introducing Siobhan Dakay: New Artist on TRR

Siobhan Dakay - Photo

Everyone at Thinkroot Records is tremendously pleased to welcome Siobhan Dakay to the artist ranks.  Joining and sharing her music on Thinkroot Records is her debut in the public light.  We are excited for you to hear the sensational sounds she meticulously creates.

Siobhan Dakay resides in Munich, Germany.  She began dabbling in music as a child.  It has since become her deepest form of expression.  Her style was influenced by British bands and singer-songwriters.   

Discover Siobhan Dakay's melancholic jazz with her first release, "Small Back Room."  The collaboration with TRR artists Moira Waugh and Kara Square demonstrates her extraordinary talent.

"The dark and dreamy melancholic pop jazz orchestrated by Siobhan Dakay reeled us into her passionate musical world.  Her talent and distinctive style is an exciting addition to Thinkroot Records' artist team.  We are ecstatic that Siobhan chose Thinkroot Records to share her expressive sound for the first time."

Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

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