Music Matters: Holiday Edition

Music matters. This holiday edition lets you hear the difference that music makes in holiday scenes. Contact us today and we’ll create or help you find the right music for your multimedia project.

Wishing You and Yours a Joyous Holiday Season from Thinkroot Records!

Stock media "Snow Flake AL2 HD"
Provided by bluebackimage/

Music Credits
"Spirited 8-Bit March" by Kara Square

Stock media "Sleigh ride through the woods in winter"
Provided by devuchka/

Music Credits
"Winter Bells Glimmer and Shimmer" by Kara Square

Stock media "The Christmas tree_040"
Provided by Alexander83/

Music Credits
"Lully Lullay" by Moira Waugh

Stock media "Close Up Portrait of 3 Teen Girls Celebrating
Winter Holidays W/Sparklers-Slo Mo"
Provided by TheStacks/

Music Credits
"Hey the Holidays" by Kara Square and Piero Peluche

Video "Snow Falling" by Beachfront B-Roll
Licensed Under CC BY 3.0

Ludum Dare 31 - Ex Nihilo

FiatLast weekend, our game developer friends on Twitter were tweeting up a storm about the Ludum Dare 31.  We reached out to one good game dev friend, Cherubim Scribes, to find out what was going on.  We were kindly informed that it is a game jam where teams must create a game in 72 hours.  Ummm... FUN!  So we offered a few songs to Cherubim Scribes' team and they were happy to let us in on the fun!   

And sooooo... we are excited to share that you can hear four Thinkroot Records songs in the new game 'Ex Nihilo'!  The songs you'll hear are: Copacetic Drums Encounter Fervent Horns and Fiery Flutes, Dark Whisper, Hardcore Harpsichord, and The Great Ukulele Space Spar.Ex Nihilo Menu

Here are the awesome teammates: Cauá Picetti (Main Artist), Olivia Raymond/Cherubim Scribes (Co-Artist), Kara Square/ThinkrootRecords (Music), Douglas Novakoski (Programmer), Matheus Schneider (Animator), and special thanks to Vinicius Brochetto.

You can check out and play 'Ex Nihilo' on Ludum Dare here.  It's so cool how other gamers review the game and offer feedback.  You can also play the game on Cherubim Scribes' site here' site here.

Thanks again to the 'Ex Nihilo' team!

Ex Nihilo Credits

What Can Music Do?

Watch this video to see proof that the right music makes a difference. Contact us today and we’ll create or help you find the right music for your multimedia project.

Stock media "16mm Film Overlay" Provided by jamesdcawley/

"Superhero Flight" by Kara Square

Stock media "Active nerve cell in human neural system" Provided by nmid/

"Electric Pulse" by Piero Peluche

Stock media "city aerial" Provided by nickvdg/

"Super Power" by Kara Square and Piero Peluche

Stock media "Sunrise over the Earth" Provided by jjdc23/

"Dust from the Stars" by Team Smile and Nod

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