TRR Song in Michele Gorman's "Perfect Girl" Book Trailer

We are thrilled to share that Kara Square's song "Xylophone and Ukulele Rival in Their Revelry" is featured in Michele Gorman's book trailer for "Perfect Girl."  Michele Gorman is a USA TODAY bestselling author with tons of books penned.  Her latest book, "Perfect Girl," is set to release on October 14th... unless her book trailer hits 2,000 views.  Then it will be released a month early!  So hey, check out her book trailer below. 

TRR Score: "A Very Tired Penguin" by Project Penguins

Thinkroot Records is proud to present this exciting collaboration between Kara Square and Project Penguins.  The following super-cute penguin video by Project Penguins includes a custom score by Kara Square.  The song has been extended and further developed as "Dozy Dreams" to fit the needs of those with longer productions.  We hope you enjoy the video!  If you do, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  

New Video: Tadpole Jam

We just posted a new video on YouTube with... tadpoles!  The footage was taken at Schnormeier Gardens in Ohio during their annual open house in June of 2014.  It was a rejuvenating, peaceful experience with lots of opportunity for beautiful nature shots.  And so... here's the first of many... This one features tadpoles and Kara Square's song "Xylophone and Ukulele Rival in Their Revelry."  We hope you enjoy watching it!  Also, please subscribe to us on YouTube.  We'll happily return the favor and see what you're creating.

TRR Salutes Piero Peluche

Piero Peluche

Thinkroot Records would like to formally introduce and enthusiastically salute Piero Peluche.  Piero Peluche is pseudonym of Claudio Pagani, a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, and producer living in Tuscany, Italy.  He has collaborated with tons of awesome people and bands (check out his bio!) including Moira Waugh and Kara Square.  In fact, he and Kara Square released their Tex-Mex guitar and ukulele fueled surfer pop rock album, Square Meter, in early 2014.

Piero Peluche currently plays guitar and performs live with the Terti Miniz and is the drummer for the Brioscino... band.  When he's not rocking live, he's collaborating with musicians online and producing tracks for Thinkroot Records.  Here are a few killer tracks by Piero Peluche.  Give a listen!

 Dust from the Stars REMIX

Breath of Love


Destroy the Shadows

"Piero Peluche never ceases to amaze me with his abundant creativity and endless inspiration.  Collaborating with him is invigorating.  When I send him a simple song with vocals and ukulele, he picks up on implied melodies and ideas as if he's reading my mind.  Each song he produces is of top-notch sonic quality.  We are ecstatic that Piero Peluche is part of Thinkroot Records."

Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records

"Vox Vs. Uke" in 'La guerre des bleuets' Video

You'll hear Kara Square's "Vox Vs. Uke" in this beautifully shot fundraising video.  Stephanie LabbĂ© (writer) and Anik Salas (director) are using it to fund a short film.  Take a look below... And thanks for using our song and good luck, Stephanie and Anik!


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