OUT NOW: Catawampus Buckaroo by Kara Square

Cover Art - Catawampus Buckaroo"Catawampus Buckaroo" is the 2nd single for Kara Square's upcoming 'Ukuambient' EP. The harmonica and clip-clop percussion bring a distinct Wild West, space cowboy vibe to this psychedelic ambient track. And, of course, the ukulele drives the mix. Learn more about ukuambient music on the dedicated website.

"Catawampus Buckaroo" is available from the following sites (and more):

bandcamp110      spotify110

GooglePlay110 itunes110 amazon-mp3-110


OUT NOW: Ukuambient [Single] by Kara Square

CoverArt-UkuambientSINGLE300"Ukuambient" is the first single release and title track from Kara Square's upcoming EP Ukuambient. The song marks Kara's first presentation of this new genre. Ukuambient music is an ukulele focused genre subset of psychedelic ambient music. Learn more about ukuambient music on the dedicated website.

“Ukuambient" is available from the following sites (and more):

 bandcamp spotify110

GooglePlay110 itunes amazon-mp3-110  

'The Wrong Girl' Music Video Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Wrong Girl Music Video Contest. We were overwhelmed by the incredible skill demonstrated by the submissions. Even if your video was not selected, please know that we are grateful that you shared your talent with us. And please remember that artistic contests like this are entirely subjective. We watched each video many times and judged your piece based on creativity, technical merit, adherence to contest requirements, and on how well it managed to convey the lyrics and music.

Here is the full list of The Wrong Girl Music Video Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winners
Official Music Video Selection ($100 Prize Each - unless video was also picked for a Grand Prize)

Watch the full Official Music Video Selection playlist here.

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